Sunday, February 12, 2012

Root Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Using Odin and CF-Root Insecure Kernels [Step-by-step Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S II 02 | Root Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Using Odin and CF Root Insecure Kernels [Step by step Guide]

We have already covered the rooting method for the Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) using the Odin and SuperOneClick in the past. That method was based on successfully rooting based on the insecure XWKDD kernel posted by the Chainfire – an XDA forums member. Basically it involved flashing the insecure XWKDD kernel and then using the SuperOneClick v1.5.5 tool to do the root. But that guide was written some time ago and recently I noticed many users have problems when following that guide. So I decided to write a new guide which is based on CF-Root – use of the insecure kernel to root the Samsung Galaxy SII (S2). This is currently the preferred method to root this device and also installs a handful of other features such as CWM, Superuser, Busybox etc. on the device that can be helpful in the future to flash new kernels or custom Roms. So please follow this new updated guide if you want to root your Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) if you purchased it recently!
Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as InspiredGeek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.

Required Downloads

- Download the ODIN file and then extract the .zip file.
- Download the suitable insecure CF-Root kernel for your device from this list. Then extract the tar file from the zip file that you downloaded using a WinZip or WinRAR etc.
- If you do not have Samsung’s KIES 2.0 installed, download and install it. Correct USB drivers must be installed, so that programs can communicate with the device. Reboot computer after KIES installation.


Step 1: Make sure that your device is in USB debugging mode: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.
Step 2: Reboot your device into download mode. To do so: Turn the device off, then power it on again by pressing and holding VolumeDown + Home + Power simultaneously.
Step 3: Start ODIN.
image99 | Root Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Using Odin and CF Root Insecure Kernels [Step by step Guide]
Step 4: Connect the device to your computer using USB.
Step 5: Wait a few seconds, the ODIN screen will show that a device is now connected
- Make sure that in ODIN nothing is checked, except the "Auto reboot" and "F. Reset Time" checkboxes.
- Press the "PDA" button, and select the the extracted tar file (from Required Downloads above).
- Press "Start". ODIN will now flash the kernel, and the device should reboot.
- Now remove the USB cable from your device when you see the green Pass in Odin.
image100 | Root Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Using Odin and CF Root Insecure Kernels [Step by step Guide]
Step 6: After the device reboots you will have full Root access on your Galaxy S2 (SII)!
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